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About Us

NC FootHealth was established in May 2018 and was founded by Ryan Clements and James North. Based within the retails stores of North Shoes Ltd, the vision was to be able to provide a one-stop-shop for all things feet and footwear. We pride ourselves on giving excellent customer service, a first class footwear fitting service, and a professional and knowledgeable footcare service to all our patients. 

At NC FootHealth we like to maintain the highest of standards by constantly trying to improve our services and regularly take further CPD (Continued Personal Development) to gain further expertise to pass onto our patients and customers. 

In addition to all of our staff being fully trained with the Society of Shoe Fitters, Ryan went on to win “Shoe Fitter of The Year” in 2017. This accolade along with gaining a distinction qualification as a Foot Health Practitioner from the prestigious SAME Institute in 2018 really makes us stand out from the crowd in be able to provide a first class service. 

Not content with resting on his laurels, Ryan in 2019 completed an “Essential Biomechanics” qualification, thus allowing us to start offering video Gait Analysis and bespoke made insoles in our stores, using the latest 3D technology. 

In February 2020 we had the delight of welcoming Claire Neal into the business following the success of her completing her foot health qualification. Along with her bubbly personality Claire brings a fountain of knowledge with her following a very successful career in the care industry. Most recently Claire has completed a City and Guilds qualification in pedicures and is looking to expand this side of the business. 


Meet The Team

Ryan Clements, BSc Hons, MCFHP, MAFHP, MSSF, DipBMec

Hi my name is Ryan Clements. I am one of the qualified Foot Health Practitioners within the company therefore allowing me to treat many common foot problems that people may be having troubles with.

Having initially gained a BSc Honours Degree in Equine Science and Rehabilitation in 2010, I went on to have a successful career in working with many horses that had lower limb injuries. Over the years I developed a passion in biomechanics and it made perfect sense for me to re-train and learn about the human body, fast forward 5 years and NC FootHealth is what we have achieved. 

As a keen horse rider and a marathon runner myself I am always astounded at what the human body is capable of doing. I thoroughly enjoy working with people who are at the start of their running journey and providing them with an in depth running analysis and the correct footwear for their particular style to set them up as best we possibly can. 

When I am not dealing with all things feet, I like nothing more than getting up on a Saturday Morning to join our sponsored Running Club “Natural Bourne Runners” for a good run through the countryside.



Hello I’m Claire and I am part of the amazing team at NC FootHealth. I have spent 10 years working within the health care sector with 5 years specialising in Dementia Care. My qualifications include a degree in management and leadership, NVQ 5 in retail and NVQ level 3 in Health and Social Care. I have also completed APAL training in Dementia Specialised Care. 

I qualified as a Foot Health Practitioner in February 2020 and it was the best decision I have ever made. My background in healthcare means that I am confident in treating more senior patients with other ongoing medical conditions. 

I love working with people and being able to help and educate is job satisfaction at its finest. More recently I have completed a City and Guilds qualification in pedicures, because along with keeping your feet healthy, it never hurts to have a good pamper session and make them look pretty too. Please see the Services section to see what pedicure options are available. 



At NC FootHealth we can help diagnose and treat common foot problems as well as providing an in-house foot measuring and shoe fitting service. Even if your feet are in good condition, we recommend having at least one session with one of our foot health practitioners as a precautionary health check.

Foot Care - £35

 Ryan and Claire can advise and treat on a range of foot health conditions, including:

  • Thickened nails, Fungal nail infections and Ingrown toenails.
  • Corns and Calluses (Hard Skin)
  • Athletes Foot 
  • Dry and Cracked Heels 
  • Flat Feet 
  • Heel Pain 

The first appointment will include an in depth look at your medical history, as well a vascular assessment. From this, we will set our treatment plan, please allow an hour for the first appointment.  

Continuation Appointments are 30 minutes. 

All treatments below can be added to "Foot Care" when booked with Claire. 

Finger Nail Trimming - £5

Only available when booking other treatments

Gait Analysis - £20

Gait Analysis is an assessment of the way you walk, some people may experience pain in their feet from an old injury or even from birth therefore for many years adjustments would have been made too how they walk to minimise the pain in their feet. These adjustments can throw the body out of a natural alignment. If you are experiencing pain throughout your legs, hips and spine there is a high possibility it is actually due to your feet. 

Our Gait Analysis is achieved via observation, clinical assessment and video analysis as well as using our in clinic treadmill. We also have the latest 3D scanning technology to produce a true image of the foot that can then be used to make bespoke made insoles should they be required. 

Gait Analysis is not only suitable for people that are in pain but they are fantastic is you are looking to get into running. We can analyse your running gait and then fit the appropriate fit of trainers for your style, thus making you comfortable, stable and therefore minimising the risk of injury. 

Bespoke Orthotics - £395

Following on from a gait analysis session, we may recommend you have custom orthotics made. Orthotics are a medical device that you wear inside your shoes to correct biomechanical foot issues, such as problems with how you walk or run. 

Orthotics along with rehabilitative exercises, can minimise the stress put upon the lower limbs, correct alignment and posture and correct the cause of the chronic pain, not just the symptoms. 

Conditions that can benefit from Gait Analysis and Orthotic Prescription include:

  • Foot, Ankle, Knee and Hip pain 
  • Flat Feet, High Arches
  • Plantar Fasciitis 
  • Balance Issues and Bad Posture 
  • Pain when Walking or Running
  • Patients with High Risk Pressure Areas 
  • Specialist Areas – Diabetes, Arthritis, Runners, Children 

Classic Pedicure - £25

 Treatment of the nails, cuticles and feet with enamel of choice. Includes: 

  • Foot Spa with Oils and Bubbles 

  • Professional Cut and File of the Nails
  • Cuticle Care 
  • Enamel of your choice

Luxury Pedicure - £35

Classic pedicure plus:  

  • Lower leg and foot massage 
  • Hot wax treatment

Nail Painting / French polish - £15

File and Paint

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