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Loake 1880 Legacy

Loake 1880 Legacy

After 40 years in a family business, I am still encouraged by how the skills and knowledge built up over the generations remain relevant today. Many of the traditional techniques that we have used for decades are yet to be surpassed and we continue to use them to produce new shoes and ranges every year. But each generation learns from the past, adding its own refinements and improvements before passing on the legacy to the next.

This premium range reflects the way we made our fine, handmade shoes when my great-grandfather and his brothers opened the first Loake factory in 1880. Today, they are made in the factory that the brothers established in Kettering, Northamptonshire in 1894.

The collection combines traditional shoemaking techniques with the highest quality materials that we can source. It takes a long time to make shoes of this grade, but it’s worth it for the intricate detail and hand-finishing that sets them apart from others.


Our intention is to show English shoemaking at its finest and we believe this is a collection to which many shoemakers can only aspire.